Home Computer Packages

P.C. Tune-Up

We can diagnose and troubleshoot performance issues on your current computer and get it back to running like it did when it was new.


Virus/Spyware Removal

If you have encountered a malicious piece of software, whether it’s spyware or a virus, our experienced technicians can remove it.


Printer Setup/Troubleshooting

We set up your printer and get it properly configured for use with your computer or network. If you have an existing printer and are having trouble with the device we can assist with that as well.


Wireless Networking Setup

Whether you have already purchased wireless networking hardware for your home or you need to purchase new hardware, we can help. We will quickly get you the parts you need or setup what you already have to provide wireless access throughout your home.


Software Install/Setup

If you are looking to purchase new software, or already have it, we will assist you with the installation and configuration of your new applications.


Backup Setup

We can assist you with making sure your data is secure by setting up regular backups of your computer.


Mobile, Audio Devices & Software

We will assist you with installing the necessary software for configuring your new Mobile Device, iPod or MP3 player for use with your computer to take full advantage of your device.


Additional Support

We are happy to assist you in any computer needs that you may have at an hourly rate.


Business Computer Services


As a small business ourselves we know the importance of consistent and always on technology. Our servers are critical for data storage, Email, testing and development; although our needs might be slightly different we understand and put servers as a very high priority. We encourage our customers to participate in our monthly and quarterly server maintenance programs. It is important to review servers, ensuring that they are doing exactly what you are expecting them to do.


Things we look for during routine server maintenance include the following tasks and goals:

  • Is all the mail that is coming into the server, getting to the desired local mailbox?
  • Are there errors that are occurring in the background of the server environment that are causing security risks? Vulnerabilities? Causing performance issues?
  • Do you have a backup system for those important documents, emails, and data? Is the backup system working as intended?
  • One very important aspect to proper backups and file storage is ensuring that there is space for your hard drives to operate correctly. During routine maintenance the fragmentation of your hard drives and the total free space available on your drives is reviewed.
  • Is there a memory leak? Are you not getting the full performance out of your server because one application is taking up all the resources? Another part of routine maintenance is ensuring you have enough RAM installed in your server to manage all your server-based applications.
  • Are your servers up to date with Microsoft’s latest security updates? We will review and ensure you are up to date and secure.
  • Do you have a security suite that covers Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam? Is it installed, up to date and functioning correctly?

Along with performing these routine tasks, it is Onsite Computer and Design’s desire, is to ensure you have the products that meet your needs. Whether that includes reviewing available hardware and making recommendations how to better improve your hardware or if it is recommending software solutions available to increase your productivity. The server is a good place to make sure this is all happening and having a routine ensures you are always protected.


We specialize in the Microsoft Server Suite of software.

This includes using and implementing Microsoft Exchange

Server Based backup systems including Symantec Backup Exec

Server Based corporate antivirus including Symantec Endpoint Protection

Microsoft SQL databases serving out to industry specific applications and payroll systems.


Workstations/Home user support

As a computer consulting company we are very excited and passionate about the hardware and software that the technology industry continues to develop and create. It is our goal to help you in your business or in your home to have the technology you need to succeed. We understand the dangers of the Internet and want to help to make sure you are protected. If you have already succumb to the clever ploys out there, we can help you eliminate the dangers you have encountered.


Areas we are excited and glad to help in include:

  • Home and Small Business computer upgrades including:
    • Increasing RAM to improve the time between when you tell an application to launch and when the application actually launches
    • Adding Optical drives with the changes in technology. Do you have a Blu-Ray collection and you want to use it on your computer? We can help.
    • Do you need to ensure you have proper backups of your home photos, music and pertinent documents? We can provide the needed hardware and software to ensure you are protected from failing hardware.
    • Do you still have an old CRT “tube” monitor on your desk? Monitor prices have become very reasonable, let us help you upgrade to an LCD.
  • Do you have an aging computer and need to make sure you get the best replacement? As an Authorized Reseller of business grade HP workstations we can offer you a durable, reliable and efficient replacement to your aging computer.
  • Have you just purchased a new computer? We can ensure that it meets your expectations.
    • Do you have the proper software on it? Do you have Trials of applications rather than Full Versions?
    • Are there applications on it your new machine that you do not need or want?
    • Are you secure? Do you have a security suite that meets your needs?

At Onsite Computers and Design we believe you as the customer, you should be informed of the technology available, how to use it and how it can benefit you. This is just a taste of what we can help with. It is our goal to provide you with solutions to best address your problems and provide the best available solution and for the best value.



If you are having a problem we are glad to help. Our goal is to ensure that we treat you fairly. We are willing to come out, diagnose the problem and give you a quote to resolve your problems as a free consultation.


Whether the problem be related to a computer connected to an office network, home network or a server we are glad to offer this service. No matter what the issue involves please feel free to contact us with questions and to request a consultation.


There are a lot of exciting new areas that computers and their networks are allowing business and home users to take advantage of.


We can diagnose problems and provide solutions with:

  • Wireless and wired networking
  • Security; establishing proper security for your new wireless or wired network
  • Extending wireless networks.
  • Creating hard wired connections in areas only accessible via wireless
  • Establishing networking in new buildings, running cable, and configuration of patch panels
  • Integrating your computers with networking to enable interactive streaming to your media libraries such as music, photos and video to networked devices



Hosting Services

Web & Email Hosting

With the importance of e-mail and the internet in business today, it is vital that your business has its own online home. Whether you are a one person company and want to have the professionalism that your own e-mail domain provides or a seventy-five person company that needs the latest in web hosting technologies to power your online presence, we have a solution for you. Our hosting packages all take advantage of the latest web technologies and are specially tailored for small businesses.

Hosting Packages

$25/m gives you both website hosting and email hosting.

$15/m gives you either website or email hosting.

FTP Hosting

We also provide ftp space for our website hosting plans that gives you the opportunity to transfer files between you and your clients easily.

Domain Name Registration

Every website has to have a domain name. We can register your domain name, and handle all of the jargon that comes with setting up, and maintaining your registration, DNS, and renewals.




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